PubWorX empowers publishers with consumer marketing, circulation management, production services and paper solutions to streamline operations and grow business.

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We employ... +200 experts in Consumer Marketing, Production, and Paper Procurement
We send... +450 million magazines annually over 175 Countries worldwide
We're in... 1 out of 4 American Households
We produce... +125 million annual Direct Mail Pieces & +600 Million emails
These are challenging times for most sectors, particularly publishing. At PubWorX, we see opportunity to address these challenges every day by making our scale, efficiency and smart marketing available to publishers of all sizes. And, we simply ask you judge us by your bottom line performance. Al Perruzza, President and CEO

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The companies in our portfolio entrust PubWorX with stewardship of their brand image. We are committed to deliver our best for you everyday - you are an important member of our family.

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