Digital Marketing Services

Provide end to end solutions for all digital marketing needs:

Email Marketing

  • Develop, implement and manage email contact strategy aimed at driving customer acquisition.
  • Handle all aspects of email campaigns including lists selections, creative development, deployment, reporting and analytics.
  • Partner with key stakeholders and email service providers, negotiating vendor discounts where possible.
  • Build and scale paid lead gen programs to profitability and to expand engaged email universe.

On Site Marketing

  • Create and maintain acquisition landing pages as well as other sites including customer service pages, sweepstakes pages as well as micro-sites.
  • Where applicable initiate test plans aimed at increasing conversion rates and ultimately revenue.
  • Propose and support the integration of subscription upsell opportunities through clients owned assets.

Social Media

  • Manage paid media campaigns channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter to align with client’s engagement or conversion goals, optimizing for ROI.
  • Strategize and target different audiences leveraging clients own 1st and 3rd party data.
  • Develop innovative creative unique to each social channel and the partner’s conversion goals.

Search Engine Marketing & Display

  • Manage media buying and keyword optimizations across search engines, most prominently Google.
  • Develop ad copy and or creative, testing and segmenting across audiences as needed.
  • Monitor ongoing activity, optimizing media spends daily to ensure efficiencies with brand targets.
  • Formalize regular reporting as well as opportunities to scale and grow digital paid media programs.


  • Manage relationship with publishing partners at Amazon to gain magazine features and upsell opportunities ensuring alignment with ongoing merch plans.
  • Oversee pricing updates and changes as well as assist in management.
  • Develop paid media opportunities to targeted audiences through AMS.

Digital Editions

  • Promotional management across the respective storefronts including Apple, Google, Nook and Zinio.
  • In-App marketing to drive both issue engagement as well as convert sales.
  • New subscription framework integration including stand-alone digital as well as All Access models.

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