With proven expertise, scale and relationships, PubWorX offers you solutions to meet your goals.

Whether you need to better leverage your existing audience or reach a new one, our industry experts will develop and execute on strategies that address your specific goals. We provide best-in-class consumer marketing, circulation management, production and distribution services.

Consumer Marketing

With a broad experience of success from across the industry, our team of professionals have seen it all – working with publishers large and small, in both traditional and digital media. Our expertise across marketing channels, data management and analytics will help you not only better leverage your existing audience but help you grow and improve your marketing returns in an evolving marketplace.

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    Marketing Strategy & Management

  • Brand Strategy
  • Circulation Management
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Relationship Management
  • Newstand / Retail
  • Multi Channel Capable
    • Print
    • Email
    • Digital
    • Social

    Financial & Ratebase Management

  • Circulation Modeling
  • Audit Management and Filing
    Consumer Analytics & Audience Development

  • Audience Selection / Modeling
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Life Time Value
  • Data Management

  • Marketing Database Management
  • Partner Data Integration
  • Cloud based — Industry Standard Platforms
  • Newsstand Distribution

  • Marketing and Analytics
  • Draw Rack / Management


Our highly experienced production team understands the value of the brands we support. We focus on quality and efficiency throughout every step in the production and distribution of your print and digital products. With an array of innovative solutions and services, we expect the unexpected and allow for seamless integration with your systems and processes to deliver a workflow that can flex as required. With our track record of success, we enable you to spend less time managing production and more time growing your business.

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    Publication Issue Production:

  • Page Adjacency and Positioning Management
  • Ad/edit Coordination for Streamlined and Press-Optimized Makeup
  • Mapping Tools for Editions and Geographical Buys
  • Traditional Print and Digital Workflows
  • Full Services Direct to the Advertising Community
  • Advertiser Entry Portals
  • Print Quality Expertise
  • Imaging and Pre-Media:

  • On-site and Off-shore Retouching and Color Correction
  • Flexible Technology Solutions and Efficient Editorial Workflows

  • Experience with all Major Printing Facilities and Specialty Vendors
  • USPS, Newsstand, and Alternate Delivery Specialists
  • Advanced Co-mailing and Work Sharing Opportunities
  • Financial Management:

  • Budget Planning and Reconciliations
  • Pricing for Inserts and Special Print Projects
  • Invoice Management and Auditing
  • PP&D P&L Management and Reporting

Paper Procurement

Leveraging our strong industry position and expert market intelligence, PubWorX’s paper procurement expertise ensures you get the largest possible return on your paper investment.

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    Core Competencies

  • Secure Reliable Supply in All Markets
  • Direct Relationships with Domestic and Global Suppliers at All Levels
  • Intimate Knowledge of Assets and Options
  • Favorable Pricing

  • Large Volume, Quarterly Ordering
  • Global Scope
  • Mill “Sweetspots”
  • Freight Synergies
  • Merchant Relationships
  • Supply Chain Management

  • Reliability
  • Quick Turn
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Recovery of Claims/Transit Damage
  • Basis Weight and Web Break Monitoring
    Value Optimization

  • Grades and Basis Weights
  • Mill Capabilities and Opportunities
  • Competitive Set Knowledge
  • Managing Trials
  • Sustainability and the Environment

  • Well Developed Sustainability Platforms
  • Relationships with Key Environmental Organizations

A PubWorX solution enables you to:

Grow and leverage the power of your audience

Free up resources for key business initiatives

Cut costs and improve efficiency

Execute meticulously on all of your operational needs

  • Grow and leverage the power of your audience

  • Free up resources for key business initiatives

  • Cut costs and improve efficiency

  • Execute meticulously on all of your operational needs

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